L'Âne qui butine

49 Hours Penetration - The Next Generation

Christoph Bruneel (Auteur, Artiste, Relieur & restaurateur de livres), Mimosa (Musicien. Auteur.), Jean-Luc Caramelle (Chorégraphe), Jean-Philippe Resemann (Musicien)


Christoph Bruneel, Jean-Luc Caramelle, Mimosa, Jean-Philippe Resemann

Simple vinyle 33 tours, avec ajouts. 302 exemplaires numérotés. Pressé en Belgique. Livret imprimé en France.

Limited handnumbered edition to 302 copies. Comes with a poster.
The sleeve is made of a recycled cardboard protect vinyl disc sleeve. Some real music tape surrounds it, in front hold on by a lead paper in a square shape with the title on it, at the back it’s hold on by a green fantasy paper, in the same shape as the front, with the musicians name on it.

“49 Hours Penetration : the next generation” is a live recording at ‘La Malterie’ (Lille / France). One piece of music takes both sides of the vinyl. This piece has as musical under-layer the second vinyl of ‘Les Archives sonores du Collectif 3-Werf’. Upon this layer we have sort of improvisation mixing different sound elements:
- sounds of the dancer of the show: spoken word & the real vinyl’s his juggling with in different scenes.
- sax & guitar.
- electrophones on 16 / 33 / 45 / 78 speed & an old gramophone, both digging and manipulating a hundred years old record history all over the world.
- some recorded sounds and conversations from different indeterminate sources.
- an aleatoric poem where the combination of a letter and a number determinates the words to use within a free form the different speakers/singers choose.

Couverture du livret, écrit par Anne Letoré, Christoph Bruneel, Mimosa.

Texte écrit en écoutant le vinyle, imprimé sur fond texte en braille.

The mix of all those sound elements creates a sort of soundscape.


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