L’Âne qui butine

Anne Letoré (chief of fabrication in printed paper)) &
Christoph Bruneel (bookmaker & bookshrink)

be Nederlands
en Français

Transfrontier smallpress (France-Belgium) with B.I.O. recepies (Beautiful Imagination of origins) created in 1999.

For L’Âne qui butine (The Donkey that grasps) Christoph Bruneel, /artist – gardener of languages and frogs/, and Anne Letoré, /inventress of stories – go-between of food/, create artistbooks that can deviate from traditionel forms of books : a ball made of a long inscribed thong of paper, a book to suspend, a meat-circular printed on a …death-circular…
“The Donkey” published about 100 writers (France, Belgium (French & Flemish), Québec, Switzerland…) on its own funds. All writers have a poetic attitude and beatitude towards “The Donkey”(!)… the perfection of character ?

he world of “The Donkey” is also specifically a weaving of meetings articulating the collection between text & image, object & book, line & paper.

ometimes “The Donkey” unveils itself to the world by the way of ephemeral poetic actions : in a tree, near a source, around multidimensional expositions, around a meal on a theme…

Contact :
Anne Letoré & Christoph Bruneel
28, rue du Chemin de Fer, 7700 Mouscron, Belgique
Tél : +32 56 84 57 52